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Whether you are an executive striving to reach the next level, an established team that’s stuck in a rut or a start-up trying to find its way – you have a powerful story.  Crafting it and telling it is how you go from good to great.

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What’s Your Story?

It’s a simple question but can be vexing to answer.   Chris knows the power of simple and believes in your ability to get to the right answer and find your own story…

Knowing your business starts with knowing its story

Chris is a life-long storyteller who has used his curiosity, creativity and clarity to entertain, inform and inspire.  Now, he is taking that story-first approach and helping executives and businesses better understand and navigate change and unlock their, and their team’s, true potential.

As a Coach, Educator and Storyteller, Chris uses his years of journalism training to ask the right question, get to the core of the issue and then uses his decades of coaching, communication and leadership skills to help you put that new information into meaningful context and into action to improve your job, your company, your life.

Chris Sheridan

Founder, Sheridan Strategic Partners

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Chris’s unique blend of coaching, teaching and strategic messaging is what sets him apart.  Unlike big-box consulting firms, Chris takes the time to learn your story and crafts a strategy unique to you.


Chris is a certified team and executive coach who helps clients connect the dots and go from good to great.  He uses those skills to facilitate as well.


Chris teaches at Wake Forest University where he is is a subject matter expert on all things media:  Sports. Digital. Social.


A lifelong creator, Chris specializes in helping companies craft and tell their stories including branding, messaging and media strategy.

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Articles, videos, and links on media, strategy, storytelling and more.

What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

I have been telling stories as long as I can remember.   From make-believe worlds as a kid to the articles and scripts in my working life to the screenplays I wrote as a restless adult.  Through it, I discovered stories are a powerful thing.  Stories are how we make...

How I Got Here:  The Work You Can’t Not Do

How I Got Here: The Work You Can’t Not Do

So how did I get here, and what is in it for you?  After being laid off as a media executive for the second time in a couple of years in a media industry still searching for itself, I seriously started to think about what else was out there. What was I good at? What...

How I Got Here:  My Lollipop Moment

How I Got Here: My Lollipop Moment

I’m not looking to talk myself out of an engagement, but I found this Ted Talk to be incredibly simple and incredibly powerful. It’s by Drew Dudley, himself an Executive Coach, and it’s about the idea that we all can be leaders – that we have somehow made leadership...

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